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SMALL Plates

STRAY Fries 松露炸薯条

Truffle  松露 |  Cheese 起司

Spam Fries 炸午餐肉条

Curry 咖喱粉 | Shallots 葱 | Horseradish Mayo 芥末蛋黄酱

Salted Egg Calamari 咸蛋鱿鱼圈

Lime 青柠檬 | Chili辣椒 | Curry Leaves 咖喱叶

Premium Plates

Jellyfish 传统风味冷盘.海蜇

Apple 苹果 | Raspberry 覆盆子粉 | Coriander 香菜
A traditional cold dish with modern flavours.

Black Fungus 传统风味冷盘.黑木耳

Orange 橙子 | Garlic 蒜
Tangy and refreshing. A excellent cold dish to start a meal!

Drunken Chicken 啤酒醉鸡

Beer 啤酒| Grapes 葡萄 | Greens 沙拉
When you spill beer in your chicken and still eat it anyways. A mistake never tasted so good!

Rendang Carrot Cake 椰香牛肉萝卜糕

Beef Rendang 乾咖哩牛肉 | Radish Cake 萝卜糕 | Asian Tartar中式蛋黄酱
An Oriental spin on the local beef rendang and chai tow kway.


Weekday Lunch Special


Wagyu Black Pepper Bowl 黑椒和牛饭

Onsen Egg 温泉蛋 | House Pepper Sauce 特质黑胡椒酱 | Pink Ginger粉红姜
A modern interpretation of the classic zichar black pepper beef.
Add-on 加料: Pan-seared foie gras 烧鹅肝

Salmon Yusheng Bowl三文鱼.鱼生拌饭

Fresh Salmon 三文鱼生 | Onsen Egg温泉蛋 | Calamansi 桔子
You can now ‘Lou-hei’ everyday. Huat ah!

Salted Egg Chicken Waffle 咸蛋鸡扒.黑炭松饼

Salted Egg Sauce 咸蛋酱 | FATCAT’s Charcoal Waffle黑炭松饼 | Curry Leaves 咖喱叶
So sinful that it might just run aFOWL with the law!

Asian Scramble 腊香肠炒滑蛋

Lap Cheong 腊香肠 | Pork Floss 肉丝 | Golden Mantou 炸馒头
A chinese-style egg, bacon, and toast breakfast set.

Premium MAINS

Short Rib Claypot Rice 小牛排煲仔炒饭

48hr Short Rib 低温慢煮小牛排 | ‘Wok-hei’ 锅香 | Laksa Leaves 叻沙叶
Slow cooked Angus short rib on our umami claypot rice topped with fresh baby tomatoes and local herbs. Highly recommended for beef lovers!
Add-on 加料: Pan-seared foie gras 烧鹅肝

Snow Cod 鳕鱼

Cod低温慢煮鳕鱼| Seasonal Vegetables 蔬菜 | ‘Chips’ 炸薯丝
Lightly charred cod served with seasonal vegetables and crispy ‘chips’.

Red Vinasse Chicken 红糟酒纸包鸡

Red Yeast Rice Wine 红糟酒 | Shittake香菇 | Chinese Herbs 药材
Traditional herbal steamed chicken spiked with red vinasse and loads of fresh coriander.
Add-on加料: Steamed rice 米饭


Red Vinasse CHICKEN

Light Desserts

Keep Popping Spheres (Alcoholic) 一口爆

Comes in a set of 3 different flavours 包括三种风味
• Lime 青柠檬
• Lychee 荔枝
• Blood 红酒

“Calamansi” 分子料理.桔子爆

Lime 青柠檬
A sour explosion in your mouth!

“Ondeh Ondeh” 分子料理.班兰椰丝球

Gula Melaka 椰糖 | Coconut 椰子 | Pandan班兰
A modern twist on a classic Nonya Kueh. Set of 3.

Light Snacks

STRAY “You Tiao” 油条

Oriental Churros 西班牙油条 | Smoked Kaya 烟熏椰子酱 | Coconut 椰肉丝
A perfect balance of sweet and savoury. Go local with our homemade kaya!

STRAY Açaí 巴西紫梅沙拉

Berries 梅子 | Oriental Granola 麦片 | Herbal Jelly 龟苓膏
Hands down our favourite bowl of Açaí goodness!

Signature Desserts

Black & Gold 咸蛋黑炭松饼

Salted Egg Yolk Soft Serve 咸蛋雪糕 | Charcoal Waffle黑炭松饼 | Cereal麦片
Bringing over FATCAT signature charcoal waffle, this dessert is the pure definition of a classy treat, both sweet and savoury. Rejoice salted egg yolk fans!
Petite size available!

Mango Sago Pomelo 杨枝甘露

Mango Soft Serve 芒果雪糕 | Sticky Rice 糯米 | Coconut椰子
Try our refreshing dessert that combines classic mango sago pomelo with the popular Thai mango sticky rice. A funky tropical dessert that makes you want more!
Petite size available!

Exquisite Desserts

As Easy As ABC 儿时回忆

Apple Yogurt 苹果酸奶 | Beetroot ‘Fruit’ 红菜头 | Carrot Stone 红萝卜
Inspired by a childhood memory of the popular ABC fruit juice, this artistic dessert exemplifies the showmanship and talent of our pastry chefs. A signature dessert not to be missed!


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